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We were not visible on google anywhere before The IT Professionals rebuilt our website, now search for marine fish, tropical fish and others and we are eveywhere. He also added facebook to our site so clients can login with their accounts. Great Job - Aquarium Warehouse

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Managing your passwords
The importance of regulating and securing your credentials online
Tue 22 May
| Joel | 11816

Free Website & Link Tracking
Unbiased website referal and link tracking website
Tue 15 May
| Joel | 12415

Receive a free 8GB USB Memory Stick
Your computer is a stationary vacuum cleaner!
Tue 08 May
| Joel | 14575

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Let us take the stress out of your I.T infrastructure
With the I.T Professionals - Why call a geek when you can hire a pro?

Do you spend wasted time waiting for your computer to load, to print, to react to your commands?
If you do then your computer is not running at it's best, or it is not suitable for your requirements and you need The I.T Professionals

Did you pay the "geeks" to fix your computer and find they had no idea, what to do, or they don't know how to communicate with you, or they spent the majority of their time on google looking for results, then you receive a large bill? Just need a great IT Technician? Then you need The I.T Professionals

We don't just care about your computers & networks, we care about your business, and that means ensuring you get the best out of your I.T infrastructure and it continues to run because time is money, and waiting for 10 minutes a day for your computer to load, and to respond is 50 minutes a week... waiting!

Quit paying too much with your current ISP, join TPG today through The IT Professionals and receive instant support and service, save money and increase your internet speeds with Brisbane's reliable Internet Service Provider TPG*

The I.T Professionals have a range of services for small - medium sized businesses as well as residential solutions from New Computers, New Servers, New Notebooks, Computer Parts, Network Solutions, Internet Service Providers, Computer Support and Service, Managed Service Agreements, Web Design & Web Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile Application Development, Ecommerce and more.

So stop spending all your time waiting for a machine and start making money - call The I.T Professionals today!

Avoid unwanted eye strain - take Time Out from Your Computers to stretch and give your eyes a rest once an hour.


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at optimum preformance.

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